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DJI Gimbal Control Issues Solved! May 2019

DJI Inspire 2 Slave Controller Gimbal Control—We've got a fix!

So recently we've had issues with our DJI Inspire 2. After the January 2019 update we started experiencing gimbal control problems with the slave controller—no control at all. This was putting a huge damper on jobs for us . . . but we figured out a solution! Here's how we corrected the problem:

First, make sure your master and slave controllers are both updated to the most current versions (as of this post) in the DJI Go 4 app in the About information panel:

App: 4.3.17

Aircraft: 01.02.0300

Remote Controller: 01.01.0060

Our slave remote controller showed "unknown version" in place of a version number. We disconnected and powered down everything. After reconnecting only with the "slave" controller we set it to the "master" mode in the controller options panel. Still with only one controller connected an update appeared (updating thru iPhone) after rebooting the DJI Go 4. After the update you may need to relink the controller to you aircraft thru the app. It will ask you to hit a physical activation button on the aircraft. On the Inspire 2 there is an LED (above the USB input) that doubles as the activation button to link back to your controller (image below). We power-cycled everything and connected both controllers and set them back to the proper master/slave roles. After this our slave controller was able to take gimbal control and we're back in action!

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